Say it. Now.

Jisko is a light-weight open-source microblogging system that allows you to stay in contact with the people you want.

Every moment. Everywhere*.


Or you can download the stable 2.0 version


Stay in contact with your team

Since Jisko is a microblogging system that lets you share short messages between your network of friends, it can help you and your company improving the internal organization between departments or even among employees.


Everywhere you go

Jisko is part of the software "in the cloud". Because it can be installed on any web server, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world (internet connection required). Jisko is also available for mobile devices, enabling access to information from your network quickly and effectively.


Constantly evolving

To succeed in life you have to adapt to our environment, that's because Jisko is a software that is constantly evolving to adapt to the technologies that the public demands. Something that we have learnt throughout our experience is that you can not give a program as finished.


Easy to get. Easy to keep

Things could not be easier. Jisko comes with an installer that will help you through three simple steps to install Jisko on your web server. Once installed on your server, a complete admin panel will also help you managing and optimizing your installation.